Welcome to YoungHort

YoungHort is a new initiative set up in December 2013 by a team of young horticulturists (ambassadors) for other young horticulturists. We aim to host events that will promote the young talent within horticulture and assist in those wanting to specialise in the industry. We will also be providing as much support as we can for young horticulturists wanting to find out more about the career they are in and help guide them in the right career choice!

As an initiative we will also be focused on encouraging more school leavers (secondary education) to choose horticulture as a viable career. We will do this by holding idea sessions on how to improve the image of horticulture amongst young people as well as visiting secondary schools around the country to promote what is a truly amazing industry to be a part of!

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YoungHort Leadership Team

Header Images: http://www.gingerhorticulture.co.uk/jonathanward & Others.